Tips and tricks to make your holiday even more special

Car rental:

Make sure you get the best possible car for your budget. Generally, lower-class (A, AA, B, …) car engines just don’t have the oomph to negotiate the Andalucian hills and mountains. So it’s better to spend a few euros more to give you that peace of mind when driving.

Do make sure your car rental agency is located inside the airport. Often, rental companies use a shuttle bus to take you to their premises, this means loss of time, certainly for your return journey, whereas returning your car to the airport is a doddle and takes literally minutes.

The airport authority AENA lists the following companies, of which we recommend Goldcar. Their popularity means that waiting times may be longer on arrival. Please also don’t think you need to accept all the extra insurance they will try to hard-sell. A simple no thank you will do if you are happy with the level of insurance offered when booking.

Visiting the Alhambra:

Previously, it was no problem for us to order tickets for our guests when visiting the Alhambra. However, these days, the credit card that is used for the purchase, is also required for the retrieval of the tickets, so we are no longer able to offer this service.
You can retrieve your tickets at the entrance tills (long queues), or in a separate building which has machines for that very purpose).

The correct website for getting your Alhambra tickets is

Make sure you book your tickets as early as possible, to avoid disappointment with entrance times. There are only a fixed number of tickets available per day, and often you will be left with the worst entrance times possible, such as 8 am, or very late afternoon. In order to be able to pick your ideal time, get in there quickly.

The entrance time quoted on the ticket, is for the entrance to the Nazari Palace. You will not be allowed in if you show up late, so bear in mind it is roughly 20’ walk from the entrance, and allow for enough time.

Driving around the area:

We do go on about it, but please don’t rely solely on GPS/TomTom,… when driving through Andalucía. It is a recipe for getting lost very quickly. Always make sure you also have a good road map.

A location on a map may appear close by, but bear in  mind that driving in the mountains is not as quick as often thought. Up, down, winding roads and slow traffic (tractors and lorries) are very likely to hold you up, and make overtaking very difficult. So allow for enough time when planning your trips. (E.g. Priego de Córdoba, 50kms on the map, min. 45’ to get there).

We are always here for extra explanations, maps of towns or places of interest, tips for parking, eating, visiting, etc. Bernadette has got an encyclopaedic knowledge of the area, be sure to use her knowledge!


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