this is how our guests describe our kitchen


extensive buffet

Types of bread, muesli, corn flakes, Special K, freshly squeezed orange juice or apple juice as standard. You will also regularly find cranberry juice and tomato juice. Water, sparkling or still.

Coffee, choice of tea (regular, fruit, ..), (homemade) hot chocolate, milk, cream, chocolate muffins, magdalenas, donuts, jams (both purchased and homemade), marmalade, honey, peanut butter, Nutella, sprinkles, Syrup de Liège, muesli strips, liver paste, La Vache qui Rit, dried fruits and seeds (apricots, raisins, prunes, …) and olive oil.

Natural yogurt, fruit and Greek, smoked salmon, choice of different types of cheese and toppings (min. 6 each), choice of fruit from the fruit bowl, or seasonal such as strawberries, (water) melon, pineapple, peaches. Fresh figs, grapes, plums often come straight from the tree.

At least 1 egg preparation per day. It alternates to increase the options. Usually there is also a warm preparation, such as sausages, or the chef’s infamous beans in tomato sauce with chorizo ​​and cheese or corned beef hash.

You will also regularly find ‘tomate rallado’, a very Andalusian dish of crushed, peeled tomatoes with olive oil, salt and pepper. The locals eat this daily for breakfast, with a ‘tostada’.

Often there are also sweets, such as almond cake, brownie, etc.

Lactose and gluten free products are available on request.


exceptional cuisine
Taste bud indulgence since 2007

Our restaurant is exceptional. That’s what our guests say. Top quality Spanish products, prepared with a Belgian twist. Spain has a great range of delicacies such as Iberian pork, beef from Galicia, fresh fish and river trout from nearby Riofrío.

Most of these will appear on your plate and always with seasonal vegetables and a heavenly sauce. Prepared with the passion of a man who could turn his hobby into his job.



plaza la haza – patio of culinary delights

What’s on the menu?

Since we serve table d’hotes, there is not really a menu. The choice of the day largely depends on what the chef can find during his shopping trips.

Usually dinner consists of 3 courses: starter, main course and dessert. You can choose whether you take everything, or any combination of the 3 plates (before and main, main and after, before and after, single main course, …) What is important is that you let us know in advance.

Since fries are served just about everywhere (and with everything) in the area, we try to avoid them.

Book your table – intimate dining

Everyone has their own table. Here you don’t sit at a big table, full of people you don’t really have anything to say to. But of course we are flexible enough to arrange a table for you with other guests if you would like so.

If you prefer intimate for two, we have nice places both inside and outside where that is possible.

Quality wines

We don’t really have a wine list, but we do have a selection of quality wines to accompany your dinner. A glass of bubbles (Cava) as an aperitif, nice and fruity Rueda (white) and a few exceptional Rioja and Ribera del Duero wines (red). Our house wine has always been popular with guests since its introduction in 2007. It is a Cariñena wine, formerly a region with a bad reputation, which now produces top wines.

The intention is to offer plenty of choice and we are always happy to serve your favorite wine (if we can get it). Bernadette is always ready to recommend a good bottle with your dinner. The chef also uses local wines in his preparations, especially those from Pérez Barquero.

The not so fine print

Like anywhere, there are a few things to keep in mind when making your dinner reservation. During the reservation we will ask if you want to book for dinner. We always recommend booking at least for the first evening, it just makes your arrival day stress-free (and you eat great, of course).

From the second day you can indicate yourself at breakfast whether you want to join us in the evening. Bernadette will probably also ask before you leave on an excursion. Please keep in mind that shopping during the weekend is not that easy, so we would like to know what is needed a little extra time in advance.

Where possible we take dietary requirements into account, but only if we have been informed of this well in advance. However, we do not cook lactose free nor without onions.

Our restaurant is closed on Thursday evening and Sunday evening.